Friday, August 31, 2012

Finished Fridays!

Well, I am finishing up my first week as a stay-at-home mom.  Although technically it wasn't a full week, but that's okay.  I think I am in vacation mode-I just float around and try to do the things I really need to do.  But, the more interesting things keep stealing my attention.  I think one of the biggest challenges for me is going to be staying disciplined as far as keeping up with my responsibilities and not trying to spend my whole day playing on the computer and crafting.  :)

Next week, I am hoping to start preschool with my boys.  We have an awesome program that lends learning materials and toys for free and has materials you can use for a minimal fee.  I think I am going to take them there Tuesday and let them pick out a theme/unit.  Then, we can go to the library and find books on that theme.  I can design the rest of the week's learning experiences around what they pick out.  I really hope this works! 

Craft-wise: I am hoping to get some more crocheting done while out of town this weekend.  I'm thinking some orange and black washcloths and an orange dishcloth/kitchen towel with black stripes.  I cut out squares of fall fabric to make my first hand-sewn table runner, but you'll have to wait until Wenesday to see how that's coming. 

This post is called Finished Fridays, not only because we are finishing up the week (which is always fun), but I am hoping to have finished items to show.  This Friday, it is the black dishcloth that I was working on this week.  Here is the finished product:

If you would like to see the listing for it on Etsy, click here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! 
I would love to see what you have finished this week-post a link in the comments section!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Back! WIP Wednesday

It has been a LONG time since I've posted.  So, here's the quick update:

I quit my job working in a lab for the city to go back to school to be an early childhood teacher.  I got a new job working at my sons' daycare because they would pay for my education.  I lasted almost 6 months there before I finally had enough.  Bad management, lack of support, etc.  It was not the kids AT ALL.  Which brings us to today.  I decided to quit work last night; today is my first day as a stay at home mom.  What I should have done was give my two weeks notice or even let them know yesterday when I left that I wasn't coming back.  But, I didn't.  And while I feel guilty for going about it the wrong way, it wasn't worth the trouble and hassle.  I feel more guilty for leaving my coworkers to more stress and for leaving the kids and their families.  But, it's time to move on.  For now, I'm going to focus on school and my boys.  My older son is 4 so I'm going to  look into doing preschool at home with him.  Hopefully in January I can start a Master's program in teaching.  So, there it is in a nutshell! 

So, now, I'm hoping to get at least a little more time to put back into my Etsy shop.  We'll see!  Here is what I am working on: 

It will soon be a kitchen towel in black and orange.  I'm hoping to do a range of colors, specifically fall and holiday right now.  Also, hoping to make matching washcloths! 

Feel free to link up your WIP blog posts-I look forward to seeing what everyone is up to!  Also, be sure to check out Freshly Pieced's blog to see what she and other talented artists are up to!