Monday, January 9, 2012


Welcome to my brand new blog! I have so much to say in my head, but didn't think it would be so hard to break the ice!

I guess I'll start with the basics:
My name is Michelle. I'm married to a wonderful man, who understands me and loves me for who I am. Weirdness, mood swings, and all :) I have two incredibly smart and adorable boys: Clayton (3yrs) and Henry (1 1/2 yrs). Negotiations for a third little one are in the works. Gotta convince the finances to cooperate.

I LOVE to craft! Although I'm interested in just about everything I see, I am currently focusing on sewing and crochet. I am hoping to delve into embroidery soon as well. I have an Etsy shop: Thegiftgarden. Hopefully soon I'll figure out how to put up that cute little widget/mini-Etsy on the side here.

Someday, I would like for my crafting to be my main income (Along with some other dreams I have, but there's time for those later). I wish I could do it now so that I could be home with my little men-they are so precious and growing so fast. But, at this stage in life, I feel that the Lord has placed me in my job, and I'm grateful to have it. I have been so blessed in so many ways, so can find no reason to complain about the current situation.

There is so much more I could say (I like to talk) but am going to try and keep from running on too much.

My current purpose for this blog is to share my crafting experiences, life lessons, well, generally, whatever I feel like! To be honest, I'm a little nervous that I am not going to be interesting enough, but then again, if you aren't interested, you don't have to read it. And, I'll never know the difference!


  1. Good luck with your new blog- I am sure it will be a success. Please come over to check out mine too and follow back.

  2. Thanks you! Off to check out yours!

  3. So far, so good I think! I'll be following you! haha, that sounds creepy..