Friday, September 7, 2012

Finished Fridays!

Happy Friday!  Well, I don't have any finished pieces to show off for you-apparently yesterday was "no nap Thursday" and I was the last to know.  So, I didn't get to finish any of my projects.  At least I got some school work done. 

One of our activities yesterday involved ice and food coloring and was about color mixing.  I found it on   I've been getting most of my ideas from there lately.  They have it categorized by age; I try to find activities that have a bigger opportunity to learn from and of course are interesting to my boys.  You put the ice cubes on safe to dye surface (I put ours in ceramic dishes).  Then you use medicine droppers to suck up colored water and squirt it onto the ice cube.  The idea is that as the ice melts, the colored water would mix.  The learning outcomes would be that they learn about ice melting (properties of water) as well as color mixing.  The medicine droppers would target their fine motor skills and they get to be creative in what colors they choose. 

They added food coloring to bowls of water for the primary colors
Now, the picture on the website of the colored ice looked really cool.  However, when we did it, the dyed water just ran right off the cubes and into the dish.  It was really hot yesterday and our house can be a little hot box so the ice was melting really quickly.  Plus, I think the ceramic dish made them slide all over which probably didn't help.  That being said, we still had a lot of fun with it and we made colored ice cubes to play with today.  I'll probably just let them pick which cubes to put together in different bowls...or see what they want to do with it. 
Some of the neat designs they made

Here's my 2 yr old, H.  He is still in destruct and destroy mode but he still enjoyed this activity.  Partly because he loves ice and the medicine droppers are a favorite toy at bathtime.  He is still working on mastering how to draw in water so this was good practice for him.

This is my 4yr old, C.  He noticed there were numbers on it and started counting them off as he dispensed the water.  That was an unexpected and much appreciated learning moment.  I also showed him how he could draw in two different colors and mix them while in the dropper.

Looking back at this week, I did not accomplish as much as I thought I would, but I think that's life.  I am hoping to make paper fish cutout, attach them to paperclips, and draw numbers and or letters on them.  Then, they can go fishing for words.  We'll see how that one goes!  And I may let them make cereal necklaces so they can practice making patterns. 
No plans for the weekend, will have to see what hubby has in mind.  Project-wise who knows?!  I have dishcloths and washcloths I want to do/finish.  There's the fall table runner that I am avoiding slightly, I want to crochet a baby blanket and a fall colored blanket...What are you hoping to accomplish?
Oh, and if you live in North Carolina, specifically near the triangle area, NCTriangle Team on Etsy usually posts a "Handmade Happenings" blog on Fridays with local events.
Have a great weekend!

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