Friday, October 5, 2012

Feature Friday!

Sorry guys, this week got away from me again!  My 2 yr old got sick, and my school work has really amped up, so I may not be posting as much.

Today is Friday, yay!  Not only that, but it's Feature Friday!  Our feature today is a sweet married couple: Tarieli and Olivia and their Etsy shop HeyBeLucky:

Clip on Earrings
Tell us a little about yourself and how your shop came into being:
We are Olivia and Tarieli, married couple from Estonia,
Pendant- "Mouse in Rain"
Europe. We named our brand Be Lucky because we wanted to create things that bring happiness and luck to people.

Olivia is illustrator and creates all the pictures for Be Lucky products. Tarieli helps with ideas and is responsible for getting the pictures on products. We started our small company last summer and have been selling our products in Estonia. Now we hope to find people interested in our stuff outside of Estonia and so we opened Etsy shop :) At the moment we make jewelry, pictures, postcards and buttons, but already have ideas for many-many new products.

What inspires you?
Of course many things around us are inspiring. Things like nature, city, people, music, books, movies etc. But the most inspiring is communication between us. When we discuss some product, it’s all pure magic: ideas start coming out, our eyes are shining, we talk fast and put all the crazy thoughts on paper. So the ideas for all our products are born when we talk with each other.

What do you like to do when you are not creating?
Well, we spend a lof of time together as we both work at home. But it’s never enough and so we love to do all things together: movies, concerts, travelling or just walking with our dog.

What is your favorite item that you've created?
It’s our first product: Many people said good about this picture and it became popular. It’s our first “baby” and therefore we love it most :)

Favorite purchase or shop on etsy?
One of the first shops we’ve seen on Etsy and the one that we love very much is You can see that many of shops on Etsy include products that are made with passion and love, but it feels like BeautySpot have gone to next level, which means respect to small details and professionalism.

Links for you: blog, facebook,website, etc?
Etsy shop:

Website and blog:

Gift Horse-Digital Art Print
Pendant-"apple never falls far from the tree"

Thanks guys and best of luck on your joint venture! 

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  1. Love the sweet work you've featured here today!

    Hope your little one is feeling better!!! Wishing you a great weekend.