Monday, September 17, 2012

Motivated Mondays-Being the Glue

Mid-September already, can you believe it?! 

Someone told me recently that the mom in a family is the glue that holds the whole household together.  While I think I knew that on some level, I am realizing how much we really do hold it all together.  More than that, we are like a little bag of tools, ready to make all the quick fixes needed to keep a machine running smoothly. 

Hammering out the kinks.  We have the abilitiy to read others' emotions and tweak them as needed.  Example from this morning (already): My 4 year old had tears at the ready at every little thing.  He didn't like the cup I put his milk in, he couldn't accept that a dvd had to go in its case at one spot versus the one he wanted to put it in, his brother touched his blanket, we didn't have the breakfast he wanted, etc.  He is not sick, probably just got up too early or woke up emotional.  As frustrated as it made me, I realized patience and discussion was the best route. The moodiness has resolved on its own, and now we have our normal goofy 4 yr old back.

Oiling the machine.  We have the running to-do list in our heads.  Ours is most obvious when trying to leave the house.  My husband is always asking  "Okay, what else do we need to do?".  Even though it's the same list everytime, with some minor changes, I guess it's like a cheat sheet.  Our tasks for them are like little drops of oil to  keep them moving and efficient, while we complete our tasks. 

Performing routine maintainance.  Clothes get washed and put away, dishes get cleaned, food is always available, and meals are cooked and served.  We keep the house running smoothly, and most times, the other members forget or do not realize how much gets done. 

Most importantly, we are the glue, used to hold everyone together, make quick fixes, and bond to each other. 

I'm sure I could take this to a deeper level, but a certain 2 yr old is playing with my hair and trying to mess with the computer...

For me, I'm honored to have this responsibility.  At times, it does get frustrating and  overwhelming.  But, I am so blessed to have a husband is understanding and supportive.  He has no problem stepping in when I need it.  My husband and kids motivate me every day to be better. 

Every household has its own dynamics.  What do you compare yourself to? 

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  1. as a therapeutic foster parent, our family dynamics are constantly changing, so I've learned to not compare myself to anything.